I’m sure you can all tell, that right now this website looks pretty ugly. But fear not Smashers! More and more content is coming to Melee Mania such as Interviews with MI players (and maybe even some OOS talent in the future) Tournament VODS from MI locals/regionals, coverage of events in the scene, highlight reels/montages of MI tournaments/players, articles about MI or things in the game itself, and content geared towards ALL Smash games. (Although Melee is going to be focused on) I hope you can enjoy the content we currently have and if you do tell us! You can reach head writer, interviewer, podcast host, TO, and hype man CW-Coleslaw through email at cwsmash@gmail.com OR theacstark@gmail.com, friend me on Reddit, follow me on Twitter, or add me on Facebook. I will be posting here and at those links quite often.

Here’s to a wonderful 2016 for Michigan Smash Brothers.


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